Our album 'THE WORLD WON'T GET YOU THIS' is mastered and ready for release on 2.1.2013! We are so pumped and we will be handing out free copies at our

at our show on 2.2.2013!  Check back here for the release.  -wtdf

Alright so we didn't make the release for 1/11/13 @ Sandy Fundraiser Event..

..But we all had a great time and thanks for your support! 

We are currently in the final stages of

mixing and mastering the album. Shout out to Rogue workin' OT, lots of chipotle...!!

So that would push the release to most likely 2/1/13.  Which means if you come to our 2/2/13 show we may have a few copies!

Either way, we'll keep ya posted! Can't wait!!