Steve Orfanos - Vocals
Chris Orfanos - Guitar
Andrew Sbarra - Guitar
Will Ahrens - Bass
Nigel Cobham - Drums

With foundations in the parking lot of a laundromat in Buffalo, NY during the fall of 2009,
vocalist Steve Orfanos wrote "My First Song Out" in a journal entry as a way to relieve frustrations
he felt after surrendering his life to Christ just a year prior. Rumors, lies and misconceptions about
his new faith coupled with failed relationships and friendships led him to begin writing down his
thoughts, fears, uncertainties and deepest pains. With no intention of creating music, Steve prayed
for months for a new way to share his faith with those he loved the most, his family and friends.
After graduating from college and having a lot of free time on his hands, he started making beats
to see what can become of his journal entries. This led to creating songs in the home of one of his
good friends in Buffalo, where "Whosoever" was first thought up in the spring of 2010.

Returning to Long Island, NY he was joined by his brother Chris (guitar). In the fall of 2011,
Nigel Cobham (drums) joined and the group quickly produced the gut-wrenching “Forgive Me”.
After many ups and downs, as well as multiple line-up changes, What They Died For knows nothing
is ever set in stone. In the spring of 2013 Brad Franklin (bass), formerly of the bands Sarcasm and
Drama For The Masses, joined as they opened for Aaron Gillespie (The Almost) in just their fifth
show as a group.
Andrew Sbarra joined in as a second guitarist in the Fall of 2013. In 2016 Will Ahrens,
a personal friend of the group, joined up as the new bassist.


What They Died For is not your average band. They are just five nobodies who have found
significance in following Jesus
. Each member has their own story, their own struggle, their own
way of which they have seen God come to life in their lives as they focused on him. They know
the music is nothing of their own doing, but only through the work of a God that has inspired
them and blessed them with the gifts they have. The band has a mindset that God will use
them wherever he wants them to go.

With the 2013 release of "The World Won't Get You This", What They Died For desires to
impact the culture with a positive message filled with the truth, hope and love found only in Jesus Christ.