This is my first song out So I ask you please just listen up Take a look in my mind, see what I’m about No fake, no phony, just as real as real can be. By my words I hope you’ll see that I’m nothing but God took me and mold me into thee; Not perfect, yeah, my mind and body full of defect. So trust me I’m not judging when I see you livin’ a different life then I been livin’. My friends, I really understand, its hard to drop the junk and walk to new land. I’ve been down that road had to turn from all my shame and my sins but I’m not a punk, I’ve heard how you’ve sunk so low, my best friends talk behind my back! So God blessed the mic, asked me to stand up, be a man, do a show, speak what I’m about. Truth sinks deep in your soul, think you’re listenin’ now, take a look he's all around. Here, there and everywhere. Need y’all to see no matter who you be, where you been, or what you’ve done, I found in Jesus Christ your life can free!


This is my first song out so I ask you please just Listen up, take a look in my mind, see what I’m about; No fake , no phony, just as real as real can be. Cause I heard about you claimin’ to be my brotha but I heard you all uneasy cause I chose to live a life of Christ, ticks you off, so you make things up. Why can’t you just come to me, stand here with me, face to face with me, share with me how you wish you could see all that life is supposed to be. How you wanna be free from the junk you’ve carried around for far too long you don’t have to walk that road anymore. Now I’m wondering have you found out who you are? This coward tried to claim my life, think he under control but this truth reveals your soul. Put my God in a box he’s what you want him to be but I must warn you son. The coming shocks of his wrath, probably gonna burn you son. Think I’m all psycho, no you can’t make me go, yeah I’ve been down there, seen the depths of hell, bruised, broken, cracked like a shell.


This is my first song out so don’t you worry there’s gonna be more to come, you’re gonna find out what I’m all about so say what you will say what you want. Call it christian rock, call it christian rap, call it what you want, I don’t know when it’s gonna stop. I’ve never sang before never felt like this before seems my God wants to speak through me’ if you know me, if you’ve seen me, you know this can’t possibly be me. I don’t like attention, don’t like attraction but there’s too much stuff I need off my chest. Too many people I see upset drives me crazy, cause I’ve bitten into that. I remember back then, oh about 6 years, all through high school, couple years in college. And I’m still not in check lost my girl, my friends and my legs. Then went my back still continued that, but when I hit the dead, His words blew my head.Saw a glimpse of Jesus Offering his hand to heal my wounds now I’m not the same. Same outside, whole new inside that’s what it means to be born again!


And now I can’t believe, how long I’ve been living a life of make believe.


Thank you Christ for dying and saving me.


I can’t face the flames
You can’t break me
You won’t break me
You can’t shake me